"God loves those who love the poor" ~Saint Vincent de Paul
          How to help

               *Subscribe to our email list:  You will receive quarterly updates which will include information on current
                 activites, meetings, and how we are serving the community. Also, we will notify you of unique request for help which
                 could include needs for specific items of clothing, household goods, car repair, transportation, legal help,  etc.

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              *  Become a volunteer
              *  Give to our food pantry (personal hygiene products, soaps, detergents, paper products etc. are also

                  *  Remember our "mission" in your prayers

                  *  Monetary Gifts:
                        - Checks and Money Orders:   Make payable to   St. Ann Sociey of SVdP and mail to:
                                                                 Society of Saint Vincent dePaul
                                                                 c/o St. Ann Catholic Church
                                                                 12648 East D Ave.

                                                                Augusta, Michigan  49012
                                              Remember to include your name and address so we can send you a receipt for tax purposes.

                              -  SVdP Envelopes:   Use the envelopes found on the bulletin board outside the parish offices. Please remember
                                  to include  your name and address. 

                              -  Yearly Collection:  Once a year we have our annual collection for SVdP. An envelope is provided with your
                                  church envelopes.

                        -  Sunday Collection:  Donations to SVdP can be placed in your regular Sunday envelope. Please make sure you
                                 designate that the money is for SVdP.
                                                 **If you write a check make sure it is payable to St. Ann SVdP Society.​**

                    St. Vincent de Paul society/ St. Ann Conference is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. All
             contributions are tax-deductible as allowed by law. Contributors will receive a year-end
             statement each January.